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Winter Fuel Delivery

We provide logs, coal, kindling and more! Ensuring you stay warm this winter

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We deliver logs and coal in Cheshire and beyond

High-quality logs

We are extremely proud of the quality of our topsoil!

Supplying only the best produce, we are confident that we can beat competitors supplying topsoil in the North West and across the country.

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We are experts in winter fuel products, providing the best logs, firewood, coal delivery and more

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We now deliver across the North West and UK!

We deliver logs and coal to you! North West firewood delivery

All of our logs and coal are premium quality and delivered quickly, all with a friendly service and competitive prices.

With a wide range of fuel products available, we can advise you on the best type and provide a bespoke quotation. We supply AAA Topsoil and compost, kiln dried logs, kindling, smokeless fuels and other products to bark, sand and stone.

We don't promise always to be the cheapest but our products are the best. My Dad was a gunner on a Merchant Ship in WW2, he was a stickler for quality and he had a saying 'you buy cheap you buy twice' well don't buy twice buy from us quality guaranteed.

Our team are based in Cheshire but following the huge success of our products, we can now offer nationwide logs and coal delivery with a unique distribution network. Give our team a call today to discuss logs delivery...


Owner, Cheshire Turf and Topsoil Limited

Just some of our winter fuel products...

  • Brazier smokeless coal for fires
  • Kiln dried log delivery
  • Hardwood briquettes for chimenea ovens
  • Firewood sticks for wood burning stove
  • Natural firelighters for home

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Brazier Smokeless Fuel

Brazier smokeless fuel is great for open fires and multi fuel stoves with 80% less smoke.

• Clean burning

• Burns longer than house coal

• Burns 24% hotter than house coal

• Burns gradually with consist release of heat

Looking for fuel for a fire but not sure what would work best? Give our team a call on 01928 499 016


20 kilo bags from £ 11.00

Buy 5 or more £ 10.00 per bag.

Kiln Dried Logs

Hard or Soft Logs for delivery, ideal for a wide range of ovens and fires

Best performing firewood from the highest quality timber which give fantastic results every time you use them with less than 7% moisture content.

• Ideal for multi fuel stoves, wood burning stoves, open fires, chimeneas or pizza ovens

• Better for the environment with less smoke

• Ready to burn at high temperatures with natural long flame


25kg softwood logs from £9

100 kilos from £36

Hardwood Briquettes

Idea for stoves, open fires, chimenea ovens and BBQ’s

• 100% renewable energy

• Made from compressed sawdust, no glues or additives

• Clean to handle

• Easy to store

• Burning hotter than coal

• 95% as efficient with very little ash

• Get your briquettes delivered to your door

10kg bag from £5

Buy 50g kilos from £20

Kindling Firewood Sticks

As well as log and coal delivery, we can deliver Cheshire kindling firewood to your door, making it easy to fuel your home fire with friendly firewood delivery in Cheshire.


• Quality dry wood for starting fires or wood burning stoves

• Ideal size for any fire or stove

• Perfect to use with our range of logs and coal


15kgs from £15

Homefire Twizlers

Looking for firewood delivery? Don't forget about the couple of extras you may need to ensure your home stays warm this winter too! Our twizlers are the perfect firelighters and all at a fantastic price

• 100% natural firelighters for fires, stoves, chimeneas and BBQ’s

• Easy to light

• Odourless


From just £2 per bag!

Winter Starter Special

60 kilos smokeless fuel

25 kilos kiln dried hardwood logs

25 kilos kiln dried softwood logs

20 kilos hardwood briquettes

15 kilos kindling

1 packet Fire lighters

Delivered FREE within a 8 mile radius of Runcorn


All for just £ 77.00

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Where do we deliver logs and coal?

We deliver direct to your door, across the UK! Give our team a call now, just click the button below...

  • Phone: 01928 499 016

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